Food In All The Wrong Places

At 11pm on Saturday night, I found myself in the most unexpected of places: South Providence. It's an area of Rhode Island where most people wouldn't be caught dead... or, rather, they might literally catch themselves dead. Me being in South Providence is the equivalent of a kid from Westchester walking through the streets of Canarsie or the South Bronx.

Anyone who said that Rhode Island is lacking in Latino cuisine has never been to South Providence at 11pm on a Saturday night. But in a neighborhood where as a child, my parents insisted on locking the doors of our car as we drove through - during the day, even - that's not exactly surprising. Lining Broad Street, the main drag through South Providence, were literally ten trucks selling food native to Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Want a real taco, with meat braised in a spicy tomatillo sauce with a real corn tortilla? They've got it, and it puts Chipotle to shame. Want a chimichanga? Oh, they've got that, too, and you'll never taste one better. They've even got papiajos, a Dominican rarity, made with fried plantains and a meat filling. Despite the over-abundance of food available, every single truck had a line at least three deep.

Having lived in New York for a while now, I've been uptown and seen quite a few trucks scattered through Washington Heights and Inwood, but South Providence was like a three-ring circus of Latino food. I can take a three-week trip through Latin America, or I can just cruise up Broad Street in South Providence. That's better for my wallet, and much better considering my elementary grasp of the Spanish language. And you're probably slightly less likely to be shot or kidnapped in South Providence.

3 Moments of Idiocy:

Anonymous Adam said...

I'm not even going to ask why you were on Broad Street, for there's no sane reason to ever go there of your own will.

I had to walk down part of that street early one summer morning(like 7am), and it was kind of like being in the movie Silent Hill, except instead of shambling zombies there were shambling junkies.

5:27 PM  
Blogger FINY said...

Ok, Adam won't ask but I will, why in the hell were you over there?!

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Karen ;- ) said...

Courtesy of your best politically connected buddy in the ENTIRE world! Seriously, you'd never get this wonderful opportunity without me. WHO LOVES YA, BABY?!?

4:53 PM  

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