We're #1!

The residents of the East Village can claim to be #1 for something: our bus service! In two very contradictory ways!

In last week's Best of New York in the Village Voice, the M14A bus was voted Best Bus:
Their veritable river-to-river routes take you from the industrial/jock/seminary precincts of far west Chelsea to the Latino and Chinese enclaves beyond the East Village's education ghetto. Dip your MetroCard in the slot and go shopping for food at the burgeoning Chelsea Market; the biggest of the city's greenmarkets, at Union Square; Trader Joe's; or the Essex Street Market
Break out the champagne! The bus that serves our fine neighborhood is #1! We've got the best bus in the city! And no other free alternative weekly independent newspaper can take that away from us!

We basked in that glory for as long as we could: six whole days. This morning, the Straphangers Campaign's Pokey Awards were released. Who got the award for the slowest bus in New York City?

The M14A! With a lightning-fast average speed of 3.9 MPH. I walk faster than that, which reinforces the fact that I am better off (a)walking to Union Square or (b)being at the mercy of gropers and hipsters on a two-stop trip on an L train packed tighter than a fat girl's top at a Murray Hill bar.

So hurray to the M14A, the best and the worst that the MTA has to offer!

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