SF Chronicles: Presidential Material

I was lucky enough to get into the Continental Airlines Presidents Club as compensation for my hellish delays on the trip to San Francisco. Does it really exist? Oh, it does. Free food. Free drinks. Comfy chairs. Plugs for your cellphone, laptop, and iPod charger. Flat-screen TVs. Friendly service agents. Yes, I have seen the world beyond those mahogany doors, and it is good. For a day, I lived like a king. I was, for one shining moment, a member of the cool kids' club.

Ways the Continental Airlines Presidents Club is like a New York City Nightclub
  • There is, in fact, a velvet rope at the entrance. No burly bouncer, though - just a small, unintimidating Asian woman behind a desk who would probably use some sort of martial art technique to protect the club from intruders.
  • You have to be "on the list" to get in. If you're "not on the list," you can always pay someone off (in this case, exactly $45) to get in.
  • "Proper attire" is required. Although the only improper attire here are wife beaters and cut-offs, especially at the Houston Presidents Club.
  • The clientele is often too drunk for their own good. The booze at the bar can do that to lonely business travelers, the same way bottle service can do that to Guidos.
  • The owners reserve all rights to kick you out of the club. This is rule is probably most likely used for infractions like streaking through the bar, hiring a stripper to perform in the conference room, or talking on your cell phone in the TV lounge.
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    Anonymous Velvet Sea flies VIP said...

    I found the Newark President's Club to be similar I guess. Those chairs are comfy.

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