Odds and Ends: Thursdays are for Bitching and Moaning

- Why do I feel like my entire life revolves around work when I only spend about 20% of my week actually at work? After doing some number crunching, it also appears that I spend another 20% of my week drinking, and roughly another 15% waiting for the M14 bus.

- Why does everyone seem to sing the praises of a poorly-written, weakly-acted, choppily-edited sitcom? Or is that supposed to make it "ironic?" Is that what makes it so hip? I don't get it. I guess this is why I live in Manhattan.

- I am deeply saddened to learn that as long as I am on U.S. soil, I will never be able to just smile and give Colin Hay a vegemite sandwich.

- Here is the coolest thing ever. Enjoy.

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