The Obnoxious Comedienne is Extra

I did a little more research on the hotel I'm booked at this weekend in San Francisco, and I discovered this little nugget of joy: celebrity-inspired suites! Among the options:
The J. Garcia Suite by Jerry Garcia
Get into a groove in the J. Garcia Suite. Created by the late, great Grateful Dead lead man Jerry Garcia, this suite pulses with good vibrations. The self-portrait hanging among his many original watercolors and the autographed wall add a personal touch that is inspired Jerry. The J. Garcia Suite is a must for the Deadhead in your life.

The Black Magic Bedroom by Carlos Santana
The art, music and vision of legendary guitarist Carlos Santana are imbued in every detail of this suite. Textile artist Michael Rios created a Technicolor tapestry of Santana's most heartfelt and intense imagery. At once otherworldly and earthbound, the Black Magic Bedroom inspires a peaceful, yet invigorating energy, much like the man himself.
Pretty cool, right? Well, it sounded like a great idea, until I saw their newest celebrity suite:
Kathy Griffin's D-List Suite
Hotel Triton's latest Celebrity Suite combines sleek elegance and chic sensibility with a touch of sex appeal for the guest who desires life's finer pleasures. In a recent episode of Kathy's hit series, "My Life on the D-List," Ms. Griffin and Mike Nielsen (known to viewers as her 'Gay Visionary') traveled to San Francisco to design an inspired hotel suite.
Dear God. Is a stay in her suite as obnoxious as she is? Does the television only display her made-for-cable TV specials? Does the alarm clock wake you up with an awful, off-color joke? This could be the first time I would prefer not to be booked in a suite. I don't expect to ever hear anyone brag about staying in the Kathy Griffin Suite.

2 Moments of Idiocy:

Blogger Z. Madison said...

i actually saw the episode on bravo when she went to help design it (nothing else was on, i swear). apparently she's huge with gay men who are her extremely loyal and large following.

4:32 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

She is so annoying and perhaps that plastic surgery mishap a few years ago when she was getting some cellulite removed was our only chance to make the world Kathy Griffin-less.

11:10 PM  

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