An Invitation to the Pants Party

Today, I received my first-ever event invitation on MySpace. I was quite excited, actually - was one of my friends throwing a party? Was someone I know actually using an often-ignored feature on MySpace? Nope. And I don't think I will be attending this event.

Yes, and you'll see that I did read the invitation. But I swear, it was only for my own amusement. For real.

4 Moments of Idiocy:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you damn well better be on that chat!!!!

6:31 PM  
Blogger Z. Madison said...


10:24 AM  
Anonymous Rob said...

two hot lesbians want you to watch them, and it's 100% free!! Nothing could possiblie go wrong.... possibly go wrong. That's the first thing to ever go wrong here.

11:46 AM  
Blogger G said...

How could you NOT RSVP to that? I'm a little bit ashamed of you

3:30 PM  

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