amNY Watch: NYPD Beach Patrol

Once again, I'm reading amNewYork so you don't have to. Because, honestly, with the crap journalism I find in there every day, why would you want to?

From page 8 of today's paper:

Damn! I didn't even know New York City had a beach patrol. Once again, the city is being sued for their own negligence.

Oh, wait. This didn't happen in New York? Huh. Could've fooled me, since there's absolutely no mention of the fact that "the city" they mention is actually Oxnard, California.

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I've mentioned before that amNewYork's sports section sucks, but here's today's sports section: a whopping three pages, and only two with real, actual sports news:

What's missing here? Oh, I don't know. How about THE SCORE OF LAST NIGHT'S WORLD SERIES GAME? I think that qualifies as sports. Also, check out the NHL standings on the page:

Um, yeah, these standings are from Wednesday night. I know you're working on deadlines, but the Islanders and Devils games were over around 9:30 last night. But apparently, the guys at amNewYork don't bother to burn the midnight oil.

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Blogger pinknest said...

doh! i was getting excited that there'd be some new ny beach patrol crime show!

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