More Duane Reade Delusions

I came across yet another unlikely story about a Duane Reade shopping experience in the New York Times' Metropolitan Diary:
Dear Diary:

I was waiting in a very long line at the Duane Reade on Fifth Avenue and 34th Street. It was hot in the store, and the line moved very slowly. While I waited patiently, I said to another woman that the line was worse than the check-in at the airport.

When I finally got to the counter and placed the items I was purchasing on the counter, a quick-witted clerk said, “No liquids, forget the lipstick and take off your shoes.”

Everyone laughed!

Marie Torrisi
Marie Torrisi, I call bullshit! Duane Reade employees don't make jokes, and they certainly don't have the wit to make a joke like that. They don't even smile. Most times, they don't even talk. And customers never laugh when they're in line at Duane Reade. You should get together with Sylvia Holstein and continue to kid yourselves with these bogus stories about helpful and happy Duane Reade employees.

Sometimes, I think these stories are secretly planted by some corporate guy at Duane Reade who knows the chain's employees have a bad reputation. I've never seen complimentary stories of helpful Walgreens, Rite-Aid, or CVS employees in Metropolitan Diary. If they are fabricating stories to boost their corporate image, here's another idea Duane Reade might want to consider: do something about your miserable, nasty employees!

That's all wishful thinking. Something tells me "Smiles are Free" won't be a slogan for Duane Reade anytime soon.

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Anonymous Velvet Sea loves EV Idiot (but not like that) said...

but was the Duane Reade clerk "a woman of a certain age"? On occasion DR employees do talk- they ask if you have a club card. That's about it.

11:04 PM  

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