I, For One, Welcome Our New Facebook Overlords

Everyone bitched and moaned about Facebook's new feature, saying it's akin to stalking. What the 700,000 signers of a petition seem to forget is that all of this information was available before on Facebook, just not all in one place. Sure, it makes stalking easier, but if you're going to stalk, nothing is going to stop you. Now that they've added more privacy options again, you'll have to go back to stalking me the old-fashioned way: on MySpace.

The new feature on Facebook that I was really excited about was the prospect of adding candidates for public office as "friends" in a new Election 2006 category:

How do I know Eliot Spitzer? Oh, let's just say I know Eliot Spitzer! Poke Eliot? Ooh, can I? The possibilities here are endless. If only I could add Jim McGreevey as a friend.

1 Moments of Idiocy:

Anonymous maple said...

I prefer my stalkers to have to fight through those roadblocks, personally!

10:34 AM  

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