Don't Catch a Wave

Last night at Giants Stadium, I saw something I had never seen before, and never want to see again.

The Wave is something you expect to see at a sporting event. It's a necessary evil - it's a way of keeping the crowd occupied during a slow part of the game. During the third quarter of a preseason football game, where third string players are out on the field playing the sloppiest professional football outside of the CFL, I guess I should not have been surprised that The Wave got started.

I hate The Wave with a passion. Not only is it pointless, but it distracts both fans and players, and obstructs my view of the game. Some stadiums have gone so far as to ban The Wave. Of course, it's hard to control the actions of 40,000 disinterested fans who don't even know who's on the field.

But The Wave would not stop. The Wave kept moving. It was getting out of control. Five laps around the stadium. Seven laps around the stadium. The Giants turned the ball over and the crowd died down, but The Wave kept going. Ten laps. At this point, the upper deck of the stadium, which had been indifferent to The Wave for the first few laps, started their own wave. Now, there were two staggered waves moving around the stadium simultaneously. The Wave could not be stopped. Fifteen laps. People in my section were tiring of The Wave, and a few sat out the next two laps. Seventeen laps. Finally, on the opposite side of the stadium, The Wave was wearing down. Sections 120 to 125 heroically put an end to The Wave. The rowdy group in our section, who apparently started The Wave in the first place, booed loudly, and tried to start it again, but thankfully, The Wave never again made it more than halfway around the stadium.

Seventeen laps around the stadium, lasting nearly the entire third quarter: a sports travesty. Please, God, don't make me ever have to see that again.

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Anonymous Brandi said...

HAHA, I was at that game! The guy a few rows in front of me, clad in his Colts gear mind you, was getting so pissed off at people that refused to do it. Like, actually yelling and looked like he was going to beat somebody up for not doing it. And I really wonder if he realized he wore the wrong Manning jersey. Probably not.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous amish said...

I love the wave.

It was one of my favorite things about Michigan football games. Watching 100,000+ people do a wave in a simple bowl shaped stadium is an amazing experience.

We got creative with it too. After a couple laps of normal speed, we'd do a slow-motion wave, followed by a fast-forward one. To close it out, we'd do a split, with two waves going in opposite directions.

Simply amazing.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

I didn't notice the 17 laps the wave took around the lower deck, primarily because I was being berated by the drunken idiots next to me everytime the wave failed to make it past our section in the upper deck. Of course, I'm reasonably certain I wouldn't have found them nearly as annoying if I, too, were a drunken idiot last night, but Aramark disappointed me and the overpriced beer at Giants Stadium cost even more than the overpriced beer at Shea - and there were no (tiny) cans of Brooklyn available to make up for it.

I did think that it was pretty cool when the two decks synched up the wave for about a quarter of a lap, which was around the 10th or so trip it took around the upper deck. But the novelty wore off quickly.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Adam said...

The only time that I have ever seen The Wave in person was many years ago at one of our quaint Pawsox games in McCoy Stadium.

Considering that professional sports can hold my attention for a maximum of 3 nanoseconds, The Wave was arguably the most entertaining part of the event for me, being only slightly more captivating than playing the game of "I wonder what's stuck to the bottom of my seat?!"

1:33 PM  
Anonymous DONNIE said...

Typical Giants fans.... You don't see that stuff at a Jets game. Same stadium -- different fans.

2:49 PM  
Blogger Corinne said...

The Wave cruised around the Arthur Ashe stadium last night (agassi v baghdatis). 3.5 times I think. Only 3.5 times. I was sick of it after the 2nd one.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous kwanito said...

Futbol fans are pretty serious about the Wave, as well. I was at Giants Stadium for the FC Barcelona/NY Redbulls match;, the Waves rolled in umpteenth times.

11:58 PM  
Blogger shutupihateyoumore said...

While we like the wave, 20 or so times is not good...unless we are the people who started it.
donnie and sally

10:38 PM  

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