A Crappy Post for a Crappy Day

Hipsters, I got no beef with you, usually. I'm down with your ironic t-shirts. I've been known to sport a faux-hawk every now and then. And I dig Williamsburg, to a certain extent.

But I hate hate hate your laziness, with a passion.

Every single morning, I transfer from the L train to the N/Q/R/W. As I climb the stairs at Union Square, I can hear - and sometimes even see - a train in the station. And yet, you lazy fucking bastards continue to crawl your way up the stairs despite the fact that there's absolutely nobody in front of you to slow you down.

I could expect - and maybe even excuse - that behavior from a 75 year-old lady with a walker. But from a 22 year-old able-bodied trust-fund baby? Inexcusable!

You may live in your own little world, but I live in New York. Hurry the fuck up.

[Sorry, hipsters. I'm in a rotten mood, and you got in my way. No hard feelings, okay?]

2 Moments of Idiocy:

Anonymous Marjorie said...

I push them out of my way or do the down the center dodge, I spend over 2 1/2 horus a day commuting you think I'm going to spend 2 more minutes (or 30 if my miss my train) b/c someone wants to take a leasurely stroll threw the subway. I try to get above ground as soon as humanly possible.

9:10 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Dude, take it easy on the guy.

He's wearing cool sunglasses and he probably can't see that well.

Also, he's sucking on a totally emo lollipop that he doesn't want to have jammed through the back of his throat when he trips from rushing up the stairs.

Jeez, man...

1:09 AM  

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