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A couple months ago, I wrote about how much I love Singas Pizza. Their little bite-sized pieces and clever topping combinations make me feel proud of New York pizza again.

Well, to my surprise, the kind owner of the Singas on 2nd Avenue e-mailed me today after he read my review from back in May... and he offered me a free pizza.

Working in advertising, I figured that this could be a great marketing opportunity for me. I should plug things I like more often, in the hopes of getting them for free:

I enjoy a fine sipping tequila. And from what I've heard from people with much more money than me, nobody makes a better sipping tequila than PatrĂ³n.

Eos Airlines is the quickest and most relaxing way to fly to London in these troubled times. [Full disclosure: I have never flown Eos Airlines, but I would gladly accept any opportunity to fly this fine airline.]

The Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas is the most luxurious Las Vegas hotel at which I have not ever stayed.

The 2006 BMW 3-Series is the best car that I have never driven.

2 Moments of Idiocy:

Blogger Audrey. said...

Dude. I hope that works.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Karen ;-) said...

I would like to personally vouch or Chris's amazing opinion of the aforementioned products. As a result of said pimping of products, I believe I shall partake in ALL of them! THANKS CHRIS!

(hope that helps)

5:13 PM  

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