Odds and Ends: Without All The Suds

- Just in case you thought I forgot, The Great Beer Fast continues, now in Day 22. Imagine that. 22 days without beer! How long will it last? I think once I've lost a good solid 15 pounds, I will allow myself a beer or two, especially when it's $3 for a Harpoon during Sox games at Professor Thom's. I've lost roughly 6 to 9 pounds, depending on whether I weigh myself after a rep lunch, soaking wet, or after a night of drinking.

- My diet is ruined. I may have to give up beer permanently with the opening of S'Mac just half a block from my apartment. Since I saw this place finally get its act together over the past couple weeks, I've had visions of crusty mac and cheese running through my head.

- A recent post on Logged Hours has inspired me to write about my embarassing junior high experiences, so look for that soon. Honestly, I could probably write a book about my embarassing junior high experiences, but I'd rather not relive it long enough to write a book, thanks.

- The espresso in the office coffee machine in the kitchen on my floor may be the worst I've ever tasted, but it definitely gets the job done.

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Anonymous Meredith said...

I'm convinced that absolutely no one has junior high experiences that could be considered to not be embarassing.

5:18 PM  

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