Who needs bubble boy?

Hey Red Staters!

Tired of visiting that freak David Blaine to see him float around in his bubble at Lincoln Center for seven days? Perhaps you forgot to praise Jesus on last Thursday's National Day of Prayer. Then have I got an event for you!

The American Bible Society is celebrating their 190th anniversary by holding a Bible Read-A-Thon, from 7am until midnight, for the next six days, just around the corner from Blaine's spectacle. You can catch it right outside of their headquarters on Broadway at 61st Street. And don't forget to bring your copy of the good book so you can read along!

Who ever said New York was godless?

1 Moments of Idiocy:

Anonymous rod said...

I'm so wearing my "GOD HATES CHRISTIANS" t-shirt...

4:09 PM  

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