What Your Tchotchkes Say About You

Aside from the free lunches, we get a lot of other free stuff working in media. Most of it is completely useless. Media reps spread tchotchkes through our offices like a bad cold. Most of these items end up on our desks, collecting dust. When we take a new job, we throw out all our tchotchkes and start a new collection. Here are some recent ones:

Traffic.com, a web site, wants me to write about them... on paper.

Fitness Magazine wants me to stay well-hydrated. How nice of them.

Westwood One wants me to walk around New York as their corporate shill.

The City Business Journals Network wants me to gamble on them!

The best tchotchke today came from Best Life: a Father's Day card, with their logo on the back. Classy. I would show you a picture, but I'm a cheap bastard; I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for my dad when he gets it in the mail.

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