Those people on the subway

Last night, on my ride on the B/D train up to Yankee Stadium, I observed a woman who never rides the subway. I don't know this for a fact, but it was abundantly clear from her behavior on the subway that she never rides the subway. She's one of those people. You can usually identify one of those people by the following characteristics:

> She talks so loud that the entire train can hear her side of the conversation.
> She openly makes remarks about the people standing in front of her.
> She falls over in her seat when the train makes a stop, then says, "whoa! We must have a student driver today!"
> She can't recall ever taking the N/R trains, or walking through Union Square.
> She complains about how crowded the rush-hour train is.
> She prefers taking the local over the express, because then she won't have to change trains.

These are characteristics typical of a tourist visiting New York, or a group of gabby jappy teenagers from Westchester. But this woman has lived in Manhattan for 15 years. She's too good for the subway!

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