Sing a song of Singas

It takes a real man to admit that I live in New York and I don't like New York pizza.

Let me explain. In Rhode Island, as much an Italian enclave as Little Italy, Bay Ridge, or all of Staten Island, we don't make pizza quite the same way. The key ingredient that's missing from New York pizza is yeast. Yeast makes the dough rise, making it airy and crispy.

New York pizza doesn't have yeast. Therefore, it burns on the bottom. I like tomato sauce on my pizza. I like fresh mozzerella on my pizza. I don't like carbon on my pizza.

Singas (176 2nd Ave, between 11th & 12th Sts.) manages to make New York pizza without ruining it. It's simple: downsize. If there's less pizza to cook, it won't stay in the oven as long, and it won't burn. I found not a spec of carbon on my two 10" pizzas. They were perfectly prepared, and just the right size.

Singas' pizzas are only sold in a 10" individual size, in prices ranging from $5.10 for a plain cheese to $8.10 for the "special" meat pizza. Each pizza is freshly prepared. I had the plain cheese and the chicken alfredo. Sure, for pizza purists, it's not the way pizza was meant to be consumed - in a 10-inch size, and with alfredo sauce. But the size is perfect for one. I actually got 3 meals out of 2 pies - and getting a bunch of these is great for parties... you can please everyone, and mix and match.

This place has been the best Queens has had to offer for years. Most of my friends in Queens sing the praises of Singas and swear there's nothing else to compare to it. Now I know why. The down side? This place is a block from my apartment. And it's open late. God help me.

Review, in haiku:
The name sounds like it's
Indian, but they beat New
York's best Italians.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,
My name is Manish and I am the owner of Singas Pizza. Just wanted to thank you for your review and invite you for a pizza. Email me at and let me know when you would like to come down.

4:29 PM  

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