Odds and Ends: Without All the Pretty Pictures

- Why I love working in advertising: My two roommates both work in advertising as well. I was the first one out the door this morning, at 8:53am.

- Celebrity Sighting: Matt Dillon, having lunch at BLT Steak yesterday. I was three tables away. Needless to say, I promptly reported the sighting to Gawker Stalker. Yet I've always claimed I'm not a celebrity gossip whore.

- Slow the 'L down: Is anyone else noticing that the L train has been creeping into stations lately? Is this something related to the new "ghost trains"?

- Jumping the Fence: On Tuesday night, I went to a Mets game. After the game, my friend called for a car service. They said they'd meet us at 126th and Roosevelt, where all car services apparently wait for the ensuing rush of post-game fans. Police and parking staff pointed us in the direction of the corner.

As we walked towards the corner, we quickly discovered that we were trapped in the Shea Stadium parking lot. Just 10 minutes after the game had ended, every single gate opening onto 126th Street was locked. We walked almost two blocks along the edge of the parking lot looking for an open gate with no success. We had no choice but to hop a fence. A few others hopped over, too, upon discovering they too were trapped.

I should have taken a picture of this, but this time, you'll just have to imagine men in suits hopping a 7-foot chain-link fence.

I haven't jumped a fence since I was about 10. And being from the suburbs, it was most likely a picket fence.

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