Little-known Facts about Connecticut

I hate Connecticut. I hate it mainly because it is the state that lies between my current home state (New York) and the state I grew up in (Rhode Island). I hate it because it takes forever to get through it, regardless of your chosen form of transportation. This afternoon, a bus ride to Providence advertised as three and a half hours took five hours and fifteen minutes. The only traffic we hit outside of Connecticut was in New York... due to an incident in Connecticut.

Did you know...

> ...the state motto of Connecticut is "gridlock?"
> ...Fairfield County alone is home to more pricks than the Upper East Side and Murray Hill combined?
> ...the favorite hobby of Connecticuters is hogging the left lane?
> ...the state seal of Connecticut includes a BMW and a polo shirt?
> ...most of Connecticut, being on the wrong side of the Red Sox-Yankees Demarcation Line, is not part of New England?
> home to both Ann Coulter and John Mayer, making at least 100 square feet of the state the true definition of hell?
> ...Connecticut alcoholics' beverage of choice after 8pm and on Sundays is mouthwash?
> ...the favorite vacation destination of Connecticuters is "anywhere out of this godforsaken state?"

By the way, just for the record, I did a Google search of both the terms "Rhode Island Sucks" and "Connecticut Sucks."

The winner? Connecticut, of course! 2,810 to 118. Among them, the Urban Dictionary page for Connecticut, with a post that embodies everything I hate Connecticut:
We are Mass. without the majorly annoying accents, and the Red Sox obsession(i don't know if other parts of CT like the Red Sox). Houses range from a peice of crap being $500,000+, and a decent/nice house being $1,000,000+ at minimum. The school systems are great, but people go to Prep School anyway. This state is simply amazing.
There is no doubt this state is rich like me. The infamous Greenwich, Westport, Weston, Easton,New Caanan, Wilton, Darien. This state rocks my socks. And for that girl who lives in Westport (i live in Weston) New Jersey is a dumphole, trust me (it's not just CT-ers who think this). Flip flops are not worn in the winter though..... Nevertheless we preps just by association. I love this state, but i must leave it cause it's getting on my nerves!it's too perfect!

Like, ohmigod, can I shoot your WASPy face off?

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