The (hel)L Train

It's funny that another blog tackled the daily struggles of riding the L train yesterday. I live at one of the often-skipped stops: 1st Avenue. Call me lazy for taking the train from there to Union Square, but it's still a real kick in the face to watch your train blow through your station at full speed with no warning.

And sure enough, yesterday afternoon, I come down to the L train platform at Union Square to find this scene:

Fuck this, I'm walking home. I probably beat the next L train that would actually stop at First Avenue. And I stopped at Trader Joe's for wine on the way home.

1 Moments of Idiocy:

Anonymous Larry said...

That photo is a pain I know all too well. When the platform is 5 and 6 people deep, you 100% should walk and will absolutely beat the train to 1st Ave.

Unless I can actaully see the train at 6th Ave., I will always walk home from Union Square.

4:54 PM  

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