America runs on smoothies

[I had previewed the new Dunkin Donuts smoothies earlier this month in Massachusetts. They have now arrived in New York, so I'm reposting my review.]

Dunkin Donuts is now selling fruit and yogurt smoothies in New York. Don't get your hopes up.

I was lucky... or unlucky enough... to have one when I was in New England, where they launched a couple months ago. I'm a huge smoothie fan. In fact, I can't live without at least one or two Jamba Juice smoothies a week.

Your first thought might be: I love Jamba Juice, but Dunkin Donuts smoothies will be cheaper!

Here's what a Dunkin Donuts smoothie is, from watching the process behind the counter. Remember those disgusting Fruit Coolattas, so sickeningly sweet that your teeth rot on the spot? Basically, they pour that into a cup to a certain point, then add some yogurt, and mix.

The result? A smoothie that's so sweet, it kind of makes you gag a little. My usual at Jamba Juice, the Protein Berry Pizzazz, has 48g of sugar in a 16-ounce serving - a little less sugar than a 16-ounce cup of cola. A similarly-sized Wildberry Smoothie that I tried on Saturday has a whopping 70g of sugar!

Yes, they are cheaper. I paid $3.39 for a small smoothie at Dunkin Donuts, versus $4.45 at Jamba Juice. But you get what you pay for. Unless you want to go into a diabetic coma, spring for the extra dollar and go to Jamba Juice.

As a side note, I wrote this review on May 17th, and totally scooped my local TV station in Rhode Island, who devoted an entire consumer segment to the sugar content of the Dunkin Donuts smoothie two days later. Eat it, mainstream media.

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