Red State Roundup

A gentle warning: this post discusses women's fashion and NASCAR. These are topics that, I swear, I will not write about regularly.

Ahh, there's nothing that brings you closer to the red states than a leisurely reading of USA Today. Especially when it's in the form of a USA Today Snapshot!

Women's NASCAR fashions are apparently a huge hit these days. There's nothing that says "class" quite like NASCAR high-heels. But that's your Sunday best... your $239 pumps "decorated with tiny steering wheels" are only for the most special occasions... like the pot luck down at the church, or your cousins' wedding (not cousin's wedding, or cousins' weddings).

Apparently, NASCAR races aren't just for poor hillbillies anymore. They're for rich hillbillies, too. If you have a membership to the Texas Motor Speedway's "Speedway Club", you're goin' high class to see 'dem boys put the pedal to the metal:

The Club offers members a whole new approach to the entertainment and health club experience. No detail has been overlooked from the imported Italian crystal chandeliers and rich wood paneling to the larger-than-life mural commissioned for the Texas Grand Ballroom.

Club members enjoy upscale amenities to host their most important clients, their closest friends and family members during the race events and 52 weeks a year for lunch, dinner and special events in the beautiful “members only” Starlight Dining Room. The exclusive Health Club and Spa is open year-round providing certified personal trainers, spa services, child care services and tanning beds.
You stay classy, NASCAR.

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