Odds and Ends: A Lactose-Full Edition

- Lent ended at just the right time. I gave up ice cream, and next week is Ben & Jerry's free cone day. I was planning to gorge with a large cup of something from Cold Stone, but I suppose I can hold off until Tuesday.

- For anyone who ever tries to explain what I do for a living, this article is very relevant to what I do. But no, I don't get to meet Sam Waterston. And no, you can't get a free Law & Order DVD set.

- I got a chance to meet Jeff Bridges today at a Men's Journal event. He's good people... had some very funny stories to share about his father, Tron, and - of course - Lebowski. I think deep down inside, every man strives to be The Dude.

- As embarassed as I am by this, does any other Red Sox fan have a huge man-crush on Jonathan Papelbon? He's like, our new superhero. Sorry, Curt, I loved you, too... until you went and campaigned for Bush in '04.

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