I'm much too old to feel this damn young

Can someone please remind me that, at the ripe old age of 24, I should be past the whole idolizing-lead-singers-in-bands phase of my life? That at this age, I should not be pushing and pulling with the rest of a crowd that is, on average, 18 years old, to move as close to the stage as possible?

I saw Jack's Mannequin last night at Irving Plaza. I brought my roommate along, who is two years my junior, who observed:

Roommate: We're, like, the oldest people here.
Me: No, I am the oldest person here.
Regardless, Andrew McMahon and his band put on an amazing show for his first time back in New York since being diagnosed with Leukemia. The whole show rocked, but the encore with a really moving version of "21 and Invincible" (at the time of the release of Something Corporate's North, I was 21 and thought it was fun - Andrew really showed how one event can really change the entire meaning of a song) and covers of the Everly Brothers ("(All I Have To Do Is) Dream") and Tom Petty ("American Girl") took the cake. And he's still a killer piano player.

Lessons learned from the show:
1. At 24, I can still party with the young'ns.
2. I need a new camera phone that doesn't suck.

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