Out like a lamb

How is it almost April? Time flies when you're having fun... and I sure am having fun. Some odds and ends:

- First celebrity sighting since my return: this afternoon, walking down 53rd Street from getting a sandwich, George Clooney was walking in the opposite direction. He looks really good in person. This sighting was particularly coincidental, since Gawker was just panned by George Clooney for their "Gawker Stalker" feature. I, unfortunately, will not win a prize, because I didn't have my cell phone with me.

- That's okay, though, because I already won one contest today. I am going to the sold out Jack's Mannequin show on Monday night at Irving Plaza. Props to KRock2 for hooking me up with tickets.

- I sprained my other ankle this week by losing my footing at the bottom of a flight of stairs. My ankle is in a brace, and I'm probably out of commission for my company's NYACSL season opener in mid-April. There's plenty of season left, though.

That's all, folks. Don't forget to spring ahead... this weekend is only 47 hours long. Damn shame.

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Anonymous Marjorie said...

Gawker Stalker is tough. I had my first New York celeb sighting last Friday, Will Arnett of Arrested Development, in Union Sq. park. Alas someone beat me to the punch, so I'm not quoted in Gawker Stalker.

10:32 AM  

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