My Craigslist Claim-to-Fame

Craigslist is pure gold for finding pretty much anything you need to... especially in New York. While I've been out of the CL loop up here in Burlington (we have it, but it's not particularly useful when only a handful of people ever use it), I thought I would share this confession with you: I was a Craigslist Missed Connection. Not only that, but this particular missed connection is on the Best of Craigslist.

It happened on the day of the Great Northeastern Blackout back in August of 2003. I was walking home from work in midtown, across the 59th Street Bridge, and into Queens, where I stopped at a Mr. Softee truck for something cold. While in line, I met a woman who confessed that she was pretty much lost. She was trying to get to Brooklyn - Bay Ridge, I think, about as far away as you can get and still be in the city. I told her I was headed toward Brooklyn and she could walk with me.

What I saw was the kind of camaraderie that I wasn't expecting to see on only my fourth day of work in New York. I guided her into Greenpoint, and rushed up and down my apartment building's pitch-black stairwell to offer her a map and steer her in the direction of home. I didn't think much of it at the time.

Three days later, when our cable was finally restored, I came across this missed connection on Craigslist. It was a woman thanking everyone for helping her get home during the blackout, including a story that sounded strangely familiar:

To: the girl I walked across the 59th St. Bridge with, the guy I met in Queens and walked to Greenpoint with, the guy at the car service in Williamsburg, the guy going to Staten Island who I shared a car with...

I only moved to NYC a year ago. I've been spending that year trying to convince people back home that New Yorkers really are nice and good people. Yesterday's blackout gave me more evidence to prove my case. I met some extremely friendly and nice people. Extra thanks to the guy in Greenpoint for getting a map. Extra Extra thanks to the car service guy for being trying to be fair about getting people cars in the order they came. I'm still glad I moved here and I'm still going to convince people how nice New Yorkers are!
Sure enough, it was her. I was a missed connection. That day changed my opinion of New York City, and memories like those make me anxious to return.

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Blogger Ryan said...

You've inspired me to start checking the missed connections list.

I wish that blackouts, exploding man-hole covers, or stock market crashes would happen more often.

It's nice to have everyone on the same level for a change.


12:18 AM  

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