Getting Trivial on Your Ass

It's finally winter again in Vermont! I'm hittin up the 'Bush Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, this weekend I won't fall on my ass. My worst fall at Stowe on Sunday, despite all the icy conditions ON the slopes? In the parking lot... getting into my roommate's car... I fell right on my ass. Sitting down was not fun come Monday morning.

Team Captain Morgan was victorious last night at the final Trivia Night at the Lincoln Inn. Among the random facts you may have learned last night:

- It takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup.
- Syrup is filtered through the process of reverse osmosis.
- The four types of maples that produce sap are the Canadian, the Red, the Box Ash, and the Silver.
- The most difficult maple syrup to make is Fancy Grade.
- The key ingredient of Sugar on Snow aside from maple syrup and snow is butter.

Can you tell there was an entire round with questions about maple syrup? Can you tell I live in Vermont?

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