Bidding the Expos Adieu

Apparently, I've been living under a rock for the last three weeks. My beloved Vermont Expos are officially no more. Meet our new short-season single-A team:

Meet the Vermont LakeMonsters. Yet another team with an unnecessary capital letter in the middle of its name. Another quirky team name that sounds strangly familiar: like the Lowell Lock Monsters, the Victoria Salmon Kings, the Charleston RiverDogs, and the Lakewood BlueClaws. Blah.

While the LakeMonsters definitely ranks near the bottom, I do have a favorite minor league sports franchise team name (aside from the now-defunct Macon Whoopee of the ECHL). There's a team in the QMJHL (or the LHJMQ, depending on what language you speak) called the Lewiston MAINEiacs. Here's their logo for your enjoyment:

1 Moments of Idiocy:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh come on, chris, it has a bat. fear the lake monster.

in completely unrelated news, ann coulter is coming to speak at my school tomorrow. my boyfriend is going to the bar and then going to the talk to heckle the hecklers.

please help, i fear the hecklers will have nothing intelligent to say. it is uconn, after all.

that connecticut girl

2:11 AM  

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