A public service announcement

Why go all the way to Nevada? In case you didn't know, prostitution is legal in Rhode Island, thanks to a nice little loophole:
The detective arrived, complaining of pain in his lower back and asking for a massage. He got one -- but he also got an offer of sex for $200, the police said.

Detectives arrested two women yesterday at separate businesses -- one off Douglas Avenue, the other downtown -- for permitting massages to be given without a license.

The police say the businesses, Central Health and the Midori Spa, are really houses of prostitution. There are close to a dozen such businesses in the city, according to Lt. Thomas A. Verdi. Because indoor prostitution is legal in Rhode Island, the most the police can do is to bust the businesses for giving massages without a license.
It's almost 5:00 on Friday. I need a drink.

Come to think of it, a massage would be nice, too.

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