Cortaca Countdown

A choppy day out on the lake. The windchill, by the way, was about 20 degrees this afternoon. Now I remember what I hate about winter here. Which is why I'll be going to Ithaca this weekend, a place just as cold and gray as Burlington.

I still have no ticket for the Cortaca Jug. This is problematic, as it's Saturday.

BACK WHEN I WAS IN COLLEGE... (insert snicker from the peanut gallery here) we didn't need a fucking ticket to go to the Jug. We showed our IDs, and we were in. Which is great, because you could get wasted beyond belief, and as long as you remembered your wallet, you were in.

Now we have to BUY tickets? Even as a STUDENT? Clearly, the terrorists have won. Now if anyone has a ticket, I would gladly pay for it. I'd even pay a little more for your troubles.

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