Vermont, Vermont, we do what we want

So, when you think of Vermont, what's the first thing you think of? If it's not Ben & Jerry's or hippies, it's probably maple syrup. And what better way to prove that these are the only things Vermont is good for?
Each Vermont National Guardsman serving in Iraq this Christmas will get a half-pint of maple syrup.

The Parkway Diner is sending 852 half pints of Grade A syrup to the soldiers. That's more than enough syrup to provide for every Vermont Guardsman who will be in Iraq at Christmas.
As long as the Parkway doesn't send along some of their 5,000-calorie cheeseburger omelettes, I think our soldiers will be just fine.

By the way, not to get all political on your ass, but Vermont's National Guard soldiers have the highest per capita casualty rate in Iraq. Thanks, Dubya.

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