Nothin like a little October skiing...

Killington was among the first ski resorts to open in New England, so I figured, eh, the novelty of October skiing is worth the 2-hour trip behind some hippie who smoked himself retarded going 30 mph all the way down route 7 (this, I remember now, is why I never go to Killington). Coming out of Rutland, I start to get nervous about just how crappy conditions are going to be.

12 miles from Killington: well, there's snow on the mountaintop. But there is NOTHING on the ground.

6 miles from Killington: okay, I've climbed a good 1,000 feet in elevation, and there is still pretty much nothing on the ground.

4 miles from Killington: this looks a little more promising. Now let's climb the road into Killington and see what awaits us...

SNOW! SNOW! And tons of it. And even more near the summit... enough for even some glades to be open.

Bottom line: I skiied through crud all day. But I did it at Killington, I did it for $39, and I did it in October.

Of course, coming down nearly-bare trails and hearing a deafening scraping noise below me was definitely entertaining... there are several inch-wide crevasses now in my old Dynastars, but this was their going-away party. I figure, I might as well ski them for the last time on a memorable day... and wreck them in the process. New skis are coming, and at least now I have almost a month to make a decision and get them ready to go, since I'll be in Florida when everything reopens again.

Also, today was a good way to discover I am not even CLOSE to being ready for the season. Every run was excrutiatingly painful because my legs are so out of shape. I have a feeling I'll be joining a gym this week.

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