Screw you, Martha Burk

There's been a lot of buzz this week about a new ad promoting the NHL's upcoming season. Martha Burk, the woman who led the protest against Augusta National in 2003 during the Masters, calls the ad "deeply offensive" and is protesting the ad's airing on NBC.

Watch the ad and see for yourself.

In an interview with Media Life, she makes such ridiculous remarks as:

"She says, ‘Are you ready?’ Everyone knows what that means on two levels."
Yes, Martha, she's asking him if he's ready to have sex. Because SHE JUST PUT HIS CLOTHES ON HIM.
"I tell you what I would compare it to is the sex and violence in video games. I know they’re using that to market to kids. In my view, that’s just about the same vein."
Grand Theft Auto: raping women, stealing cars, and shooting cops.
NHL Ad: dressing players, checking opponents, and cheering fans.
Wow, I see the similiarities there.
"Well, one would hope they would be sensitive to the concerns of women and families. What they’re trying to do is market sex and violence."
No, they're marketing hockey. Hockey is a violent sport. I imagine Martha would like to ban hockey all together because "it doesn't send a positive message to our children."

I'll admit, the ad is bad, and the picture of the kid at the end... well, that just makes no sense at all. But it is not offensive. I see ads that are hundreds of times worse every day. Of course, Martha doesn't see those ads, because she's probably too offended by television to begin with.

The ad will air anyway. Good to know NBC has some common sense. Martha Burk, get over yourself.

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