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Now I Can Die in Peace by Bill Simmons

There are generally three opinions on Bill Simmons:
1. I love him, I worship every word he writes, he's brilliant.
2. I've never read anything of his, so I have no opinion on him.
3. Bill Simmons? I'm a Yankees fan, fuck off.

If you need an exhibit of inarguably the funniest sportswriter of this generation, look no further than his latest ESPN Magazine column, especially if you're a chick. The best part about this book is, it's Simmons usual writing - mostly archived columns - peppered with obscenity AND 500 sidenotes in the margins of the book.

Not only will I be reading this book over and over again, I will be using it for reference whenever I need to be reminded of how annoying Tim McCarver and Joe Buck were years from now:
5:53: Fantastic exchange as McCarver praises Matsui's bloop double for the fourth time in the past 12 minutes:
McCarver [narrating yet another replay]: ...that's an extraordinary job of hitting by Hideki Matsui.
Leiter [after a beat]: Or just really lucky.
McCarver: Fuck you, Al! Fuck you! Don't pull that shit with me again!
(Actually, McCarver said, "You know what, I think it's more than luck, he hit the ball hard!" But I liked my version better.)

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