Another 4000-footer knocked off...

Seven painful miles and 2300' of elevation later, Camel's Hump, in all its glory. For another picture of Camel's Hump, feel free to refer to the back of the Vermont state quarter.

Note me cleverly blocking Mt. Mansfield, the higher peak in the background. Also note the attire. It was a balmy 42 degrees at the summit this morning... WITHOUT the wind chill. The guy without a shirt may suggest otherwise, but it was freakin cold. Also, I apparently only have one hand.

Definitely worth the view. You could even see Mt. Washington off in the distance.

I had an encounter with a trailblazer today. Someone was actually painting the markings on the rocks on the Long Trail. From what she told me, it's an involved process: the crevices in the rock make it really tough to paint, and it can take up to half an hour just to repaint one marking. And if you spill your paint, you've got a LONG hike back to get a new can.

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Anonymous Joy said...

you STILL haven't told me the story of this hike. Jerk.

1:56 PM  

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