O, Canada

Never is a trip to Quebec complete without souvenirs. So, here, in no particular order, are my mementos from tonight:

Two five dollar bills (which, if you've never seen them before, contain a scene of an outdoor hockey game on the back of them), various change (no dollar coins - I used those to buy the flag - and strangely, one U.S. dime, suggesting our change fucks with their money supply too), a scratch-off ticket from the strip club we went to (it reads "Meilleur chance le prochaine fois!" - better luck next time - not that I need any better luck than I had tonight), a label from a bottle of Labatt Bleue Dry (it's spelled Bleue because that's the sound you make when you drink too much of it), and a rather large Canadian flag now hanging on my wall that I bought just to spend some of my Canadian cash (which led the customs agent to ask, "have you ever been to Canada?" Why, of course!)

No need for any more explaining.

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