Fiddy in Fiddy

So I'm going to give away all the secrets now. All the Sportscenter "50 in 50" segments are pre-recorded. I think that would be obvious when you're watching the 11 PM Sportscenter and it's still daylight out in Vermont.

In short, though, the Vermont "50 in 50" segments SUCKED. First off, we get Reece Davis as our anchor... small-time anchor for a small-time state. Secondly, it made us look like the only thing we have going for our state is a shitty single-A baseball team and a mascot. There was a five-second mention of UVM's upset of Syracuse this spring, arguably the biggest sports event in Vermont sports history. There were more references to Howard Dean and Ben & Jerry than UVM basketball and hockey. This is a problem.

Champ is cool, yes. But the Vermont sports world does not revolve around a giant lake monster mascot.

And that stupid Bryan Adams song HAS TO STOP. I can't put up with it for another 19 states.

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